Vento Di Mare
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Vento Di Mare
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Понедельник-пятница 10:00 - 18:00
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Manufacturer: Cremasco Iluminazione (Italy)

Cremasco pdf LAGUNA

LIGHT CREATIONS 40 years on from its establishment, Cremasco Illuminazione introduces its new “LAGUNA VENETA” collection, characterised by new lines and maritime atmospheres which yet again celebrate its artisan creativity. The articles are made in Italy, entirely by hand, using top quality materials such as brass, wood and glass. Traditional workmanship and techniques that have now all but disappeared, acquired and refi ned by Cremasco over the years, make all of its items unique and exclusive. Every article is manufactured with care and passion and enhanced by small distinctive features and typical characteristics, which are now the exclusive preserve of Venetian master craftsmen.

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